2020 Speaker

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Senator Rosa Galvez, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Senator for Quebec (Bedford)

Prof. Galvez’s background is in sanitary engineering, a degree she obtained at Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria in Lima, Peru. Dr. Galvez obtained in 1989 and 1994, respectively, a master and doctorate in environmental engineering from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. From 2011 to 2017 Dr. Galvez was the Chair of the Civil and Water Eng. department at Laval University in Quebec, a high administrative academic post in engineering rare for women to achieve. She continues her work at the University.

Dr. Rosa Galvez is one of the last six non-partisan, independent Senate appointments by Prime Minister J. Trudeau to form part of the Canadian Senate. Senator Galvez is a member of the senatorial committees of Environment-Energy-Natural Resources; Transport & Communications and Agriculture & Forestry.

The fields of expertise of Prof Galvez include Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes, Integrated Watershed Management, Sustainable Development, Municipal and Hazardous Waste Management, Soil Rehabilitation studies, Environmental Impacts Assessment, Risk Analysis and Aid Decision Methods. Dr. Galvez is an internationally recognized researcher and author of hundreds of scientific articles. More than 80 students have graduated under her supervision who now hold important posts in consulting and academic sectors around the world. She has acted as an expert for national and international agencies such as the Commission of Environmental Cooperation of NAFTA, the Scottish Research Partnership of the U.K. Research Council, UN-Chair for water in the Mediterranean Region. She is also an invited scientist at the ISE-Italian National Research Council. She has received several awards including ‘Best Technical Editor’ from International ASTM. ‘Excellence in Transport – Environment’ by the Quebec Transport Association, the ‘Fernand Seguin Award’ for best technical article, the Ann Lindh ‘Notable Peruvian Award’, and a professional recognition by the Latin American Chamber of Commerce.

Prof. Galvez has appeared in media interviews regarding environmental problems, their impact and solutions. Among many others cases, she has offered insights on the lessons to learn after the Lac-Megantic emergency, considered the worst land’s oil spill and fire in North America. Dr Galvez is fluent in Spanish, French, English and Italian. The diffusion of her works and knowledge has reached international notoriety.