CatIQ Connect

Canada's Catastrophe Conference

Quarterly Webinar Series through 2022


Bringing Together Industry, Academia and Government
to Discuss Canadian Natural and Human-Made Catastrophes

CatIQ Connect is a content-driven discussion to foster collaboration before, during and after catastrophic events. In place of our
annual conference, we are hosting a quarterly webinar series through 2022 until we see a safe return to in-person conferences.

CatIQ Connect provides a detailed overview of catastrophes, discusses strategies in catastrophe management
and explores sector perspectives. Overall themes are on preparedness and resiliency, available tools, and impacted
stakeholders and policy makers working together for the greater good of all Canadians. The webinars will focus on specific themes.


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    The Financial Sector on Catastrophes & Climate Change
03-Dec-20:    New in Catastrophe Technology & Modelling
11-Feb-21:    Catastrophes - 2020 Review, 2021 Preview
10-June-21:  Communicating & Collaborating to Mitigate Loss to Catastrophes & Climate Change



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