2016 Speaker

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Ewa Jackson
Manager, ICLEI Canada

As Acting Director of ICLEI’s Canada office, Ewa assists in overseeing the operations of ICLEI’s activities in Canada. She is responsible for the managing of all ICLEI Canada’s programs, staff and operational activities. She represents ICLEI Canada at major events, meetings, and with other partners.

Ewa has worked with municipal governments for over 10 years in the fields of sustainability, public participation, and climate change. She holds degrees from the University of Toronto in environmental management and political science. Currently she is exploring various programs related to climate change response, community sustainability plans, and other sustainability management tools.

Ewa is a leader in the field of municipal climate adaptation. Since 2007 she has been engaging with communities from coast to coast to coast on the issue. She led the development of ICLEI’s Guidebook, Changing Climate Changing Communities, which ultimately was a 3-year process of research, collaboration and piloting with experts in the field including municipal practitioners, climate scientists, planners, disaster specialists, extension agents and academics. She continuously works with specialists in the field to keep municipal officials at the forefront and responding to the advancements being made. She often speaks publically on the state of municipal adaptation planning across Canada and internationally.

Ewa is known for keen sense of direction. Drop her in any city and she can intuitively navigate her way through the local transit system to find the most beautiful parks, bistros and museums.