2021 Speaker

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Marianne Armstrong
Research Council Officer, Construction, National Research Council

Marianne Armstrong is a Research Council Officer with Canada’s National Research Council (NRC). Since 2004, as a member of the Building Envelope and Materials Group, she has been involved in projects addressing climate resilience including: wall-window interface design for wind-driven rain, the assessment of cladding technologies, and drainage and drying of wall assemblies. For over a decade, Ms. Armstrong conducted residential energy efficiency research at the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology, where she helped to assess the performance of over 60 different housing technologies. She is currently managing a 5-year project on Climate Resilient Buildings & Core Public Infrastructure, to integrate climate resiliency into Canadian building and infrastructure codes, standards and guidelines. Ms. Armstrong is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario, holds a MSc Industrial Design from University of New South Wales, Sydney, and a BSc Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University.