Amy Elizabeth Avis

General Counsel & Vice-President of Risk and Compliance at Canadian Red Cross

Commercial lawyer possessing more than 6 years of professional experience as in-house counsel on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross. Expertise to conduct negotiations, maintain critical international relationships, and deliver presentations across diverse global venues.

Highly skilled in performing large-scale tendering and issues relating to supply chain management. Recognized for strong client management skills and employing strong business acumen and judgment across an array of legal proceedings and initiatives. Able to succinctly communicate complex legal information and deliver compelling presentations to key stakeholders.

Osgoode Certificate in Construction Law 2013, Toronto, Ontario
FIDIC, Certification for Tender and Conditions of Contract 2013, online

Professional Development:
Training on P3, Procurement, and Construction Tendering and Contracting (CCDC)
Contributed in round table discussions with the International Financial Action Task Force
in London, England and Brussels, Belgium in 2015

“Lawyering in A Humanitarian Crisis”, University of Ottawa March 2016
“Rules for Operating as a Canadian Charity”, PAGER Oct 2014
“Operating in Difficult Areas”, Webinar, Charity Law Institute 2015
“How to Not Get Sued, NRC Case”, HRN January 2016

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