Brent Doberstein

Brent Doberstein, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Management at University of Waterloo

Brent has over 10 years experience with a broad array of climate change adaptation themes. Through his connection with the IDRC-funded Coastal Cities at Risk (CCaR: 2011-2016) project he was involved in studies of managed retreat in coastal megacities, and examined associated issues of social vulnerability to climate change. His 2012 research on global guidelines related to climate relocation and resettlement grew into a larger multi-case research program on managed retreat for Canadian flood risk reduction. In 2020, Brent was project co-lead on a Natural Resources Canada Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division (CCCIAD) project which profiled cases of managed retreat across Canada, and identified good practices related to proactive planned retreat for climate change adaptation. Other relevant research projects include a Global Resilience Partnership project on “Development of Amphibious Homes for Marginalized and Vulnerable Populations in Vietnam” project (2017-2018), a SSHRC-funded project entitled “Linking Tourism, Social/Cultural Capital, and Disaster Recovery: Comparative Perspectives From Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines” (2020-2025), and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions “Living with Water” project (2021-2025).

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