Heather McGrath

Heather McGrath, Ph.D

Geospatial Scientist at Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation, Natural Resources Canada

Heather McGrath is a geospatial scientist with Natural Resources Canada. Before joining NRCan, she worked in industry, working with GPS and land surveying equipment and was involved in the collection and processing of marine data, including multibeam, bathymetric LiDAR, and underwater acoustic positioning. She completed her PhD with Dr. Emmanuel Stefanakis at the University of New Brunswick, and collaborated with NRCan Geological Survey of Canada to develop and apply a new approach to rapid flood mapping and risk assessment.

McGraths’ current research focus at NRCan is in the development of methods and implementation techniques to promote the interoperability and accessibility of water and flood mapping datasets, standards for water and disaster management datasets, and open-source, web-based tools to increase awareness of flooding and for communication of flood risk.

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